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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Top 10 Records of 2011: Tony Marston (Landmines)

Tony from the recently split Landmines is today's top 10. Check out his modest #1 choice as well haha. Landmines are (were) from Richmond, Virginia. Which is home to the Claremont Lounge, a strange place. I saw a stripped set her boobs on fire, and then sang "My Name Is" by Eminem on the kareoke in front of a bunch of people. Weird.

10. OBITS - Moody, Standard, and Poor
9. OFF - First 4
8. RED CITY RADIO - Dangers of Standing Still
7. GATEWAY DISTRICT - Perfect's Gonna Fail
5. NOTHINGTON - Borrowed Time
4. MISCHIEF BREW - Stone Operation
3. DIKEMBE - Chicago Bowls EP
2. DIRECT HIT - Domesplitter
1. LANDMINES - Commerce and Marx (sorry, i had to, i'm an asshole)

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  1. Mischief Brew Stone Operation should be on everyone's list. Fact.