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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Top 10 Records of 2011: Nick Woods (Direct Hit!)

My buddy Kev got in touch with some guys about this Top 10 nonsense I'm doing and Nick was kind enough to write his down. Nick plays in Direct Hit! who are a great band from the states on Kind of Like Records (Captain, We're Sinking / Great Cynics). Lots of free downloads here. I really like Nick's list, it's a good mix of all the genres. Night Birds are rad and so is Frank Ocean.

Vacation - Vacation
Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor
Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
Night Birds - The Other Side of Darkness
Death Grips - Ex-Military
House Boat - Thorns of Life
Tenement - Napalm Dream
Tyler, The Creator - Goblin
Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ulta

"I kinda thought 2011 was a shitty year for full-lengths though, just for your information, If you're putting this up on the internet. (I am.) Most of these I thought were pretty flawed (as in David Comes To Life was awesome for 12 songs, and then there were 6 more songs.) But they were really the only ones that got me excited about anything."

Cheers Nick! - Direct Hit! will be over in the UK in 2012.

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