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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

GIGS: Gigs to look forward to in 2010

On Sunday March 21st we're putting on two of the best bands in the UK at the moment, both played FEST 8 in Gainesville, USA this year and we're stoked to be putting them on. Playing for you will be Bangers and The Arteries as part of their weekend tour of the UK. It'll also probably be at The Retro Bar unless we find a cheap place that doesn't smell of piss in the mean time. Looking for a local Manchester band to support for this show too, so if you are in one, get in touch.
Bangers are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment, playing amazing pop punk about girls and "banging" but with sophistication and amazing vocals. They've got a split 12" out with Brighton Latterman-worshippers Break The Habit which you can get from either band.
The Arteries come from the mystical land of Swansea, South Wales and play music you'd hear if AC/DC played metal punk music. It's fast and it's fucking great. One of the tightest bands around in UK punk rock and we're really looking forward to seeing what people make of them. They played the All-Dayer that Last Lung put on at The Oxford in Manchester in March this year, so if you missed them then, now's your chance to see them again. And if you did see them then, i'm 100% sure you'll be back for this.

Then Friday May 7th is Dear Landlord at The Retro Bar, which is going to be all kinds of amazing. Apologies, I Have None are also playing this show, if you haven't heard them yet, they play amazing punk rock in the vein of Against Me! (As The Eternal Cowboy days) and you can download their first EP for free here, or buy their newest and better EP for £4 from here.

Local Manchester bands Leagues Apart (Latterman/No Idea sounds from Salford) and Dead Mills (North Lincoln/Lawrence Arms) are supporting for the Dear Landlord show, both are pretty new to the scene and seem very promising.

This is probably gonna be the last update before the new year cause my computer at home is a massive piece of shit. Have a good one. x

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  1. erm I think you'll find Despite Everything are not just up and coming but the greatest band in the history of the planet bar mid 70's Kiss. Thanks.