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Wed 10th December @ Sound Control , Manchester
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


on Day Three of MANCHF3STER this month we've got the pleasure of having Woahnows for the first time. Woahnows are a blow-your-freakin-mind three piece from the South West and I sent them over a couple questions to answer before the gig. I also forgot what record label they were on.

Woahnows. For anyone unfamiliar with Woahnows where would be a good place for them to start?
Well there's not a whole lot to chose from and you could get through everything we've ever released in about half an hour, but if you're really short on time try something like 'Painfully Safe' as it does a little but of everything. No chorus though!

You've released two incredible EPs so far, as you continuing down that road or are their plans for a full length and how long are we going to have to wait for that?

Ah shucks, there is a full length in the works, probably be out nice an early next year.

You guys are pretty active and seem to be playing all over the place, a lot of the time. It's always hard to balance touring and a job, what do you guys do?

It's not easy, we toured a bunch at the start of the year so had to chill out for a while, just doing weekenders and festivals in order to keep roofs over our heads. We'd love to tour more but life can just get in the way. I teach music at a youth club, Wherly builds playground percussion and Dan has jut closed his venue the White Rabbit after nearly 10 years so he's somewhere in between starting a new one and becoming a landscape gardener.

What other tours have you got in the works?

A few short ones with some good friends to be announced for later in the year, we'll probably hang on until the record's out before we go out long enough to get properly weird again though.

You're playing alongside fellow Beach Community pals Gnarwolves and Apologies, I have none at ManchFESTer. How did the Beach Community relationship come about?
Dunno what you're on about Kieran you crazy bastard, we're on BSM. I can safely say Lee from Beach Community is a lovely guy though. I guess our relationship came from hanging out with him watching Wherly take over the kids circus area at festivals.

Long live the three piece. Who's your favourite three piece of all time?

Wherly - Blink 182
Dan - Lemonheads
Tim - Hop Along

Monday, 15 September 2014


2014 has been a pretty busy year for Sam Russo, and it's not slowing down as he heads out on tour with Masked Intruder and Throwing Stuff at the end of September. I'm currently in Palm Springs but managed to battle the time difference and have a catch up with Sam about what's been going on in his life recently, wisdom he's learnt from the road and who would win in a fight between his US and UK label-heads...

By the end of this year you'll have supported The Lawrence Arms in America and the UK, while releasing a split 7" with Brendan Kelly. Also main support on Lucero's UK run with tours with Tim Barry sandwiching these dates. This is your life. How are you managing the upscale in touring and home life?

It has been a wild year. Some crazy ups and downs. I’ve been so lucky with tours and travelling and I’ve somehow managed to squeak by at home too. If I’m totally honest I am making it up as I go along. I got fired from my job because I was away too much and for a few months things were pretty tight but again I got lucky and landed some odd jobs painting houses, driving cars for a body shop, moving furniture, delivering bricks, things like that. That’s kept me going. Touring with the Lawrence Arms was truly mind blowing. They’re one of my all-time favourite bands, I’ve been listening to them since I was 16 and you know what it’s like to love a band like that, you imagine what they’re like as people and you hang on every lyric and every beat –then you meet them, get in the van with them, open for them at a sold out Metro Chicago show and suddenly they’re your friends for life and you’re driving across the USA together. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget. But to snap from that to getting up and 6 and varnishing floors all day was a little jarring. Not just on my knees. The Lucero shows were amazing too, again I love that band and now we’re friends. My girlfriend is now pen pals with Rick Steff, I mean that’s insane, he’s played with Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Cat Power all these awesome bands and I ask her what she’s doing on her damn phone at midnight and she just says ‘Oh nothing, just emailing Rick.’ And they’re just chatting about Ted Bundy. It takes some getting used to. I try not to think about music while I’m at work because it actually makes me pretty sad. I believe in living each moment as best you can and you don’t appreciate how lucky you are to just be working if you’re wishing it away in favour of something else. Some days I get to see beautiful things through work and I meet all kinds of people and I usually get paid enough to pay my rent, so to go through those days with my head down mumbling about how I could be drinking a greyhound on the corner of Clark and Racine with old Beex doesn’t seem fair. I think the way I deal with it is when I’m home, I’m an odd jobs man and you are going to love the way I’ve painted your barn, and when I’m away I’m the last wild son of the road and I’m never going home. I just try to live each day as it comes, fight off the blues and take it slow.

You're out on the road with Masked Intruder and Throwing Stuff with a stop at ManchFESTer on Saturday. What are your feelings about this completely mixed bag of music and returning to play another ManchFESTer?

It certainly is a demented pick and mix isn’t it? I personally love an eclectic bill and I think it’ll be a great show every night. I spent 6 weeks in a van with Masked Intruder and quickly learned that they know how to have a good time on tour. Absolute road warriors. I think the energy will be great, I always feed of whoever I’m touring with and Throwing Stuff and Masked Intruder both have such crazy fast paced and high speed live shows I think it’ll keep me on my toes. I’m just looking forward to introducing my friends to eachother and watching them hit it off. As for ManchFESTer I just can’t wait. It’s always a highlight of my year and I think this year looks like it’s going to be the best yet. Long live Moving North.
Your debut album 'Storm' came out a little while ago now, what releases are you working on? Can we expect an EP or another full length anytime soon?
I’m doing my best to get a full length written and recorded by Christmas. Right now I’m about 6 tracks in and it’s just about starting to run away with me which is a great feeling. I think it’s like breaking a horse. You’re battling this unknown, wild force for so long and then when you finally get a hold of it you just want to run wild. I’m at the stage now where the songs are starting to write themselves and I’m not forcing it as much. The words come a little easier, more truthful. I find writing songs really hard and I’ve written some truly unlistenable shite to get to this point of the record. It’s so funny, you write something and put it away happy, then you listen back in the morning and just want to cry. You go so truly crazy writing total bollocks that you have no idea when something’s good. I never know. SO far though, this album feels good. It feels true and it’s building like a river. I can’t wait to just let it out.

How did the Red Scare relationship come about?
It came about through Brendan Kelly. He liked my stuff enough to recommend to his friend Toby Jeg that Red Scare put out my album. Several drunken phonecalls later we’d sealed the deal. I was living in Manchester at the time and Toby called me wasted in a bar in Chicago with Dave Hause and began a beautiful and insane rant about Nazis and Daves penis and I knew it was a good fit. I spent more time talking to the Polish janitor on the phone than Toby. I don’t think Toby knew how much of an angel he was to me that day. I was so down on my luck. I was living in a city I didn’t know, I was in a situation where I couldn’t be in the place I was staying in the day so I just wandered the rainy streets all day looking for things to do for free until I could go back to the flat with my girlfriend to sleep. It was grinding me down when he called and just blasted life into my heart. He’s such a kind and gracious person and so driven and full of passion, it just totally revitalised me and made me want to prove to him that I was worth the risk. Still working on it I guess. Toby has made a lot of my dreams come true. That might sound corny but it’s all too true.

How did the Specialist Subject Relationship come about?
Andrew’s been my friend for a long old time and it’s been a wonderful experience watching his label grow into what it is now. I can’t really remember how we ended up together, or how he ended up stuck with me! I think after the Chuck Ragan Split he just offered kindly to put out the full length and I’ve never had any reason to look anywhere else since. Andrew is so hard working and so level headed. He has a great ear for all kinds of music and he’s humble as a rock. A true gent and extremely talented.

If Andew (SSR) and Toby (RSI) had to fight each other to the death - who'd win?
I would love to root for the home team but I’ve seen Toby almost murder a family of seven for jumping the queue at Pappy’s Smokehouse so I’ll have to go with Toby Toes. You haven’t seen fear until you’ve seen children cower from a man wearing madi gras beads and shot glass necklaces backed up by a veteran laughing and shouting ‘FREEDOM AIN’T FREE!’ Sorry Andy Bangers but in this fight, Toes the Destroyer takes the title. I’m kidding of course, I’m pretty sure they’re both pacifists. Toby just has this righteous hatred of bullies and women. I’M KIDDING. Christ.

What are some things you've learned from touring in the past year that you'd never known before? What have you picked up off supporting bands that have been playing longer than I (the interviewer) have been able to run?

I’ve learnt so much from so many people. I’ll break it down so I don’t ramble on. I’m big on wisdom and trying to learn from others so I could talk all day about it and I know you’re drunk in Palm Springs and you don’t have all day. The last year has just cemented the things I already knew in my heart. I’ma big believer in the watch and learn so I watched and I learned. Here’s the number one things I’ve learnt from my number 1 teachers.
1.     Chuck Ragan – the universe rewards good work. No matter how long it takes or how much you have to wade through, if you can do it with grace and integrity, you will find your reward.
2.     Brendan Kelly – Drive your own road. Find the weird bars and hide away all afternoon, be tight, be wet, be bald.
3.     Roy Berry – Everything is worth something. Pay close attention to the little things. Be a soul detective.
4.     Jimmy Islip – Everywhere has a backdoor. Always know at least one good joke for the crowd and and fifty bad ones for the drive.
5.     Toby Jeg – Records cost money. Watch out for bullies. Always stand for what you think is right in the moment, you can say sorry later. Be generous.
6.     Chris McCaughan – Stand up straight, appreciate light, be patient, be mindful, slow down.
7.     Jeff Funburg – Stand for something. Twerking is as high an art form as opera or sculpture. Be a friend to the road and the road will be a friend to you.
8.     Frank Turner – Go big with a pretty girl on your arm and the world will trip over its lips to suck your dick off.
9.     Sam, Barman at Huddle’s in Newport, Kentucky – A honeymoon ain’t always a holiday.
10.  Tim Barry – Never do anything just because. Know your mission and always give everything you have to give.
11.  Neil Hennessey – Tinned peaches and cottage cheese can cure anything. The night is never over.

Who are your favourite songwriters in the UK at the moment?

Sivu. Josh McKenzie. Repeat.

A lot of acoustic folk have been doing StageIt shows recently (Chuck/Tim) [doing live shows over the Internet via webcam] - How do you feel about this medium of performance and would you ever consider doing it, if the demand was there?

I think it’s great. I was sceptical but I watched Cory’s a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. You could tell he felt a little awkward about it at first but pretty soon it’s like you’re just watching him practice in his home which for a fan is a real treat. People can just throw money at you and say DANCE MONKEY DANCE but that’s what we’re here for, better to do it from the comfort of your own home than not at all. I want to do a record release show that way so they can stream it in the Gingerman in Chicago as well as here. Maybe I’ll do a houseshow…

Finally Sam, what will it take for you to join Throwing Stuff permanently?

An invitation and a crash helmet.

Monday, 1 September 2014


Finally able to bring everyone the set times for MANCHF3STER DAY THREE! Hopefuly everything is going to run on time, I can't stress enough how everyone should turn up early.

Don Blake 12:45 - 1:15
Boxkite 1:30 - 1:50
Guerilla Monsoon 2:05 - 2:35
Doctrines 2:50 - 3:20
Throwing Stuff 3:35 - 4:00
Milk Teeth 4:15 - 4:45

Have a break, have a beer, have a burger.

Woahnows 5:30 - 6:00
Bangers 6:15 - 6:45
Sam Russo 7:00 - 7:30
Apologies, I Have None 7:45 - 8:20
Gnarwolves 8:35 - 9:10
Masked Intruder 9:30 - 10:10

Doors are from 12:30pm, please get there as early as you can to watch the bands from the start. They’re all great and all deserve your eyes and ears.

Monday, 25 August 2014

INTERVIEW: Gnarwolves

Fresh off their Reading and Leeds Festival performances opening up the Main Stage this weekend, we've got some questions and answers from our favourite pals in Gnarwolves.They'll be in Manchester a couple of times before the end of the year and their self-titled debut album (it's fucking great) will be out on 15th September.

Gnarwolves are next in Manchester on Saturday 27th September at Dry Bar Live on Day Three of MANCHF3STER. However, this day is SOLD OUT so if you haven't got a ticket, sorry.

Read below and you'll find out when your next chance is...

If you could put any band in front of you at Reading/Leeds for any reason, who would it be?
It would be fun to watch NOFX again after their set at Punk Rock Holiday was a crack up the other day

Self titled debut album is coming out soon, on first listen it's heavier hitting that previous releases. Was this a deliberate direction to head in?
We have definitely progressed and got better at playing so it just happened that way really. 

How long did it take to record the whole thing, you do anything differently to the last release? 
It took us about 12 days i think. We did it slightly different because we had more time, but we still used Lewis Johns from The Ranch because he’s a sick dude and really good at what he does. We definitely focused on groove a lot more and getting real nice tones on the guitar. I think there's less harmonies on the vocals too and loads more songs than usual.

What label is the album coming out on? You've worked with a lot of labels so far, I think that's rad. You feel it's important to spread yourself across a number of well-run indie labels rather than just one? 
Yeah i reckon, its just when your mate says they’ll put out a record for you its like , yeah sweet. thats why we got Big Scary Monsters, Tangled Talk and newly Pure Noise as well, coz they’re the best.

How does the songwriting process happen, are all songs all three of you? do you only sing the verses you write?
We all contribute to every song we write and they come about in lots of different ways. Quite often I (Thom) will come up with a scratchy version of a song which I bring to everyone, but just as often that song completely mutates once everyone has added there ideas and parts. We’re quite free with lyrics, sometimes Charlie sings my lyrics and sometimes his own, it’s all collaborative.

Has anyone you don't know got any Gnarwolves tattoos and are they awesome?
Yeah every now and again at a show someone will get one out and yeah they are awesome as fuck haha

You're playing manchF3STer at the end of September, can you shed any light on when you'll next be back after that?
Yeah thats gona be a sick one! We’re doing a headline tour in November so see you then (announcement 1st Sept)

You working very fucking hard, but also find time to have some side projects. What have you got going on with them at the moment?
Thom still has a full time job and Charlie and Marco does a band called ILL which are sick so check em out, I usually just go to the skatepark

What was your favourite track on any Tony Hawk's soundtrack?
Sick question! first one that popped into my head was Bodyjar -  Not The Same so I’m gona go with that!

Sunday, 10 August 2014




Day One: Thursday 25th September featuring Modern Baseball / Spraynard / Losing Sleep
Upgraded from The Star & Garter to Sound Control (Basement) 1 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP. Tickets are running low but still available from here: http://bit.ly/1q1slm1

Day Two: Friday 26th September featuring Nirvana / Green Day / Minor Threat / Descendents
This is now taking place at Retro Bar 78 Sackville St, Manchester M1 3NJ. This gig is all PAY ON THE DOOR, it's £4 and will have a Refuse To Lose! vs. Turn It Out afterparty in the same venue. 

Day Three: Saturday 27th September featuring Masked Intruder / Gnarwolves / Apologies, I Have None and loads more... 
This is happening at DRY BAR LIVE 28-30 Oldham St, Manchester. First band on at 12:30pm, plenty of bands and there's food/drink available upstairs all day. Please come early to make this easier for everyone and catch some of the bands opening up and they're incredible. This day is SOLD OUT and there will be an afterparty too.

So in summary:
DAY ONE - Sound Control
DAY TWO - Retro Bar
DAY THREE - Dry Bar Live

Hit me up @movingnorthuk on Twitter with any questions or email kieranazk@gmailDOTcom

Saturday, 12 July 2014

MN#54...Break-Ups / Dinner Time / Hora Douse / Plough Lines

Good morning, well it was until we head the news that the last original Ramone, Tommy, had passed away. RIP.

That being said, The Ramones are probably one of the only reasons you're reading this in one way or another, and gigs are what we're about so here's a nice summer one for you...

We're bringing BREAK-UPS back to Manchester for the first time in aaages and a nice bunch of Northern bands to complete the line-up in the form of Dinner Time (Doctrines, Well Wisher), Hora Douse and Plough Lines.

You can stream It's Complicated by Break-Ups right here:

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Happy Sunday y'all.

Just giving everyone an update on MANCHF3STER so far...

We've upgraded the venue from The Star & Garter to the basement of Sound Control. Tickets are still moving pretty quickly and it looks like it'll be a sell out too! 

There is no need for advance tickets for this show, it's only £4 on the door. First band will be on around 7:30pm and it'll be busy so make sure you turn up on time!

The final day of manchf3ster is SOLD OUT. Absolutely every ticket has gone and it all went so quickly, so well done if you got one and if you missed out, keep an eye on the FB Event as people often have spares nearer the time. Also be running a guestlist competition in the future. 

That's all folks, any questions just get at me on twitter @movingnorthuk