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Fri 25th July @ The Star & Garter, Manchester

Thur 14th August @ Wahlbar, Fallowfield

Thu 25 / Fri 26 / Sat 27 - MANCHF3STER
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Saturday, 12 July 2014

MN#54...Break-Ups / Dinner Time / Hora Douse / Plough Lines

Good morning, well it was until we head the news that the last original Ramone, Tommy, had passed away. RIP.

That being said, The Ramones are probably one of the only reasons you're reading this in one way or another, and gigs are what we're about so here's a nice summer one for you...

We're bringing BREAK-UPS back to Manchester for the first time in aaages and a nice bunch of Northern bands to complete the line-up in the form of Dinner Time (Doctrines, Well Wisher), Hora Douse and Plough Lines.

You can stream It's Complicated by Break-Ups right here:

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Happy Sunday y'all.

Just giving everyone an update on MANCHF3STER so far...

We've upgraded the venue from The Star & Garter to the basement of Sound Control. Tickets are still moving pretty quickly and it looks like it'll be a sell out too! 

There is no need for advance tickets for this show, it's only £4 on the door. First band will be on around 7:30pm and it'll be busy so make sure you turn up on time!

The final day of manchf3ster is SOLD OUT. Absolutely every ticket has gone and it all went so quickly, so well done if you got one and if you missed out, keep an eye on the FB Event as people often have spares nearer the time. Also be running a guestlist competition in the future. 

That's all folks, any questions just get at me on twitter @movingnorthuk

Thursday, 12 June 2014



Cheer to everyone who's been buying tickets for Day One and Day Three, you sold out Day One stupidly fast. SO, we've decided to upgrade the venue so no-one has to miss out!

Modern Baseball, Spraynard and Losing Sleep will now be playing at Sound Control (basement), New Wakefield Street, Manchester. It's a great venue, good for stagedives, sounds great and £2 cocktails next door at Font Bar!

All original tickets are valid.

For all MANCHF3STER info go to: www.manchfester.com

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Happy Sunday everyone.

As promised and hyped, here's the line-up for Day Three of MANCHF3STER. Day Three is going to be held at Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester. The bands will be playing in the basement, there is no barrier. Upstairs is a bar that will be serving food and booze all day long.

And without further adieu...

Monday, 2 June 2014


Really bloody excited to announce the details for Day One (of three) of MANCHF3STER this year...

We welcome back the incredible Modern Baseball after their sell out show at The Star & Garter last month and they're bringing with them, one of my favourites for sure, Spraynard!

Opening up the night will be Losing Sleep from London Town. Sean who plays bass in Losing Sleep and I spent a bunch of time together during Spraynard's first tour where we went to a lot of the shows in my old car and it's pretty cool that 5 years on he's opening up for them and I'm putting on the show. 

Get advance tickets from HERE or HERE and sign up on the Facebook event HERE.

Full manchF3STer line-up being announced on Sunday 8th June...

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Set times for MN#52 next weekend...

The venue is hosting a Parklife afterparty so to make room for Snoop Dogg we've got to be finished with bands by 10:30pm, which works fine as Refuse To Lose is throwing our afterparty down the road from 11pm.

Set Times
Fair Dos - 7pm
Get Human - 7:45pm
Leagues Apart - 8:30pm
Above Them - 9:15pm

And that's all you need to know about MN#52 happening on Saturday 7th June at Odder Bar, Oxford Road, Manchester.

All info on the facebook event HERE.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

INTERVIEW: Josh McKenzie (Apologies, I Have None)

Apologies, I Have None are a band close to my heart, one of the main reasons I got into this whole DIY punk rock stuff is because of this band, they introduced me to the likes of ONSIND, Calvinball, Sam Russo and have always been a favourite to put on gigs. They played the second ever Moving North show supporting Dear Landlord.

Since I heard them for the first time they've undergone a few changes, from two-piece to full band and most recently seeing the departure of Dan, who shared the song-writing responsibilities with Josh, because he's a daddy now!

I caught up with Josh recently to talk about the line-up change, their latest EP "Black Everything" and of course, grime music.

First things first, this is the first material you've released as a band since Dan had his baby and decided to hang up his guitar. How's this affected the songwriting? I feel you guys always used to write quite separately?
We did always used to write separately, so in terms of the first stages of writing the songs I wouldn't say that Dan's leaving had much affect on that. The latter stages where we practice a song up together is where his absence was notable. Not really practicing with any second guitar parts meant that a lot of the lead parts we're just worked out in the studio as we were recording the songs. This isn't an ideal way of doing things but it did mean that everyone had more of an input into the guitar parts than when we've recorded previously.

The subject matter on "Black Everything" is pretty similar to some of the tracks on "London", how do you feel things have progressed (or regressed) since working on that album?
Interesting question. Yeah, songs like The 26 and Concrete Feet are the most similar to the songs on Black Everything. I think Black Everything really is a combination of progressing in some ways and regressing in others. In terms of song structure and arrangement - whilst it's not a million miles from London - we have progressed to a degree. Played around with tunings we haven't used before and done some weirder timing and rhythmic stuff which I'd like to take further for the next record. Regarding subject matter, most of that has come from a total regression in personal life over the past year. I'd like to maybe not take that further for the next record!

Who's going to be filling in on guitar for the upcoming shows/foreseeable future?
Our friend Simon who works at the studio we practice at is playing guitar with us. All our stuff is pretty simple to play and he's a great guitar player so teaching him the parts has been easy. We played our first show in Cardiff after having only two or three practices with him.

You're playing a whole host of great looking festivals this year, including a trip to Florida to play The Fest. Are there any tours in the works?
We're going to be in and out of Europe a lot for quite a few festivals. We've also got a small run of UK shows (including Manchester!) starting at the end of May, and we'll be doing more later in the year. We have something very exciting happening towards the end of the year which I'm hoping will get locked down and we can announce it very soon. Fest will be great, we played a long time ago so it will be good to go back. We're hoping to sort out a tour around it also so we'll see what happens regarding that.

How productive are you guys feeling? Will we be expecting another full length after Black Everything?
There will definitely be another full length. We take quite a long time to write songs but I've got close to a full album mostly written. It's just a case of practicing them up and writing a few more and then we'll start recording. I don't really know when it'll be out but I definitely want to record it this year, as soon as possible really.

You're notably into London grime and hip-hop, have you ever considered working that genre into A,IHN?
I've thought a lot about doing a few songs with a rapper, but not really for anything too serious. Dan and I used to talk about it quite a bit and I'd like to try it but I can't imagine putting an album out with something like that on. In terms of lyrics and the way certain lines flow, or how some rhyming patterns are put together I've already worked a lot of stuff from the genre into Apologies songs. The pure aggression in a lot of Grime is what I love about it. I want to get more of that in Apologies.

Apologies, I Have None are playing the next Moving North show on Saturday 7th June at Odder Bar, Oxford Rd, Manchester. More info here. Also on the bill are Above Them, Leagues Apart, Get Human and Fair Do's.