Welcome to Moving North.
We put on D.I.Y punk rock shows in Manchester. You can pay on the door at all our shows unless we say SOLD OUT online.

Follow us at @movingnorthuk and facebook and get in touch if you're in a local band.

Upcoming Shows:

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th April 2015


Mon 27 April @ Gorilla, Manchester

Sun 10 May @ Tiger Lounge, Manchester
BEACH SLANG / WOAHNOWS / MAHOGANY. Facebook Event. Tickets.

Wed 13 May @ Sound Control, Manchester

Thurs 21 May @ The Star & Garter, Manchester

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Upcoming shows...

The year has snowballed somewhat and all of a sudden there's a whole bunch of shows coming up over the next few months that have all been announce recently. We started the year off in January with Moose Blood playing to a sold out Star & Garter, Then in February we announced a lot of dates for your diaries.

Our biggest show to date sees the return of our favourites Modern Baseball on a co-headliner tour with the incredible Into It. Over It. and support from Tiny Moving Parts who are making waves across America right now.
Note that the doors open at 6:30pm and will be all done by 10pm. There's still £12 tickets available here, here and here and it will cost more on the door.

FRI 17 & SAT 18 APRIL @ SOUND CONTROL, Retro Bar, Joshua Brooks, Thirsty Scholar, Ducie Bridge
This April sees the inaugural Manchester Punk Festival take place across five venues, 8 stages and two days featuring over 50 acts on one weekend. MPF. We've got bands like Creeper, Apologies I Have None, Leagues Apart, Muncie Girls, The Filaments, Vanilla Pod, Crazy Arm, That Fucking Tank and so many more. Afterparty includes cover sets of The Replacements, Against Me! and Rancid to finish off the weekend in boozey style. Tickets are ludicrously cheap at £15 for everything and can be bought from the MPF website here: manchesterpunkfestival.co.uk

Here's the big one. Co-headline tour from two of the best, biggest, lovliest bands we've ever had the pleasure of putting on a Moving North show. The Smith Street Band and Gnarwolves. Gorilla is by far the biggest venue we've worked with and it is my favourite in Manchester, can't describe the excitement I have for this show. Tour support comes from the brain-blowingly (it's a word) good Drug Church and just to top things off, we've persuaded Great Cynics to come north and open up the show. Four incredible bands for £10, can't say fairer than that. Tickets here.

Were you at the Tiger Lounge when we put The Menzingers on for the first time on a Monday night? 100 packed bodies flying around to one of the best and most promising bands there has been in years, what a night. I'm getting similar feelings about welcoming Beach Slang to Manchester for the first time as part of a four-date tour of the UK. Line-up completed by Woahnows, Mahogany and Gut Model. Tickets £6(!) and available here.

We last saw Masked Intruder in Manchester when they headlined MANCHF3STER and this time they're back for more, in the basement at Sound Control. New album "M.I" is some of the best catch pop-punk you'll have heard and will almost make you want to don the balaclava and go on a crime spree yourself. You've still got to buy a ticket though, £8 here.

With the help of CMH Live we're bringing back Fireworks to Manchester for the first time since 2011 (i think!). Haven't seen these guys since they played with Set Your Goals at Academy 3 all those years back. Tour support comes from ex-The Steal guitarist and acoustic songwriter in his own right, Dave House. Tickets £8 and available here.

Keeping ticket prices as low as possible is very important to us, as is providing these bands with the best experience possible when visiting Manchester. Keep doing what you're doing, coming out to the shows, supporting the bands, supporting the venues, Manchester is a great place to be right now.

Monday, 9 February 2015


I feel like a small child at Christmas. BEACH SLANG ARE PLAYING IN MANCHESTER.

They'll be joined by Woahnows, Mahogany and one more! All happening at The Tiger Lounge in Manchester on Sunday 10th May. Huge buzz about Beach Slang, and so deserved with both their EPs blowing minds either side of the Atlantic. Think this will be one to remember!

Facebook Event.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Ridiculously excited to finally be able to announce the FULL line-up for the first ever MPF. We've got some favourites playing, bands that haven't played in forever and everything in between. Tickets are £15 and available here.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Very, very excited to announce that Masked Intruder have got parole and are coming back to Manchester in May! This time they'll be joined with The Murderburgers and Don Blake playing the basement in Sound Control after the sell out MANCHF3STER they headlined last year.

Tickets are on sale NOW, and they're dirt cheap at £8. You can get them from here, here or here

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Long time, no post...

Happy New Year?

The flat I've moved into has just got the internet, so thought I'd take the opportunity to touch on a couple things...

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came out to the Moose Blood show on Saturday night, it was the first Moving North gig of the year and was stupidly great. One of the most complete line-ups I've ever seen, every single band nailed it. I haven't really stopped listening to Choir Vandals since. One of the best times I've seen Boston Manor. Also the first time I've seen Simmer and they look like one to watch out for!

We've got a few things in the pipeline that we can't announce yet but there's three INSANE shows/line-ups coming soon. Save the following dates: Monday 27th April (this one's a big one), Sunday 10th May (this ones too exciting) and Wednesday 13th May (this one will be too fun, again...)

The only shows we can tell you about at the moment are, of course, the Modern Baseball / Into It. Over It. / Tiny Moving Parts gig happening in Sound Control on Wednesday 25th March. Well over half the tickets are gone for this show already, and Modern Baseball have sold out every Manchester show so far so if you want a ticket, click here.

Then on the 17th and 18th of April, we're so stoked to be part of MPF2015 happening at Sound Control (two floors), Thirsty Scholar, Joshua Brooks, Ducie Bridge and Retro Bar. The line-up is being completed in February but visit manchesterpunkfestival.co.uk to see where we're up to so far and to grab £13 tickets before they go up to £15 on Feb 1st. It's such a bargain, and the weekend is going to be something you'll want to be a part of. 

Oh, I'm also going to be on the road with Tim Barry, Cory Branan and Sam Russo from 19th Feb - 1st March so come out to a show. All details here...http://www.timbarryrva.com/tour

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Two Thousand And Fourteen: A Wrap Up

And so, the end is nigh, another year is coming to a close and a lot has happened.

This year we've had a hand in 13 punk rock shows with bands from all over the world. Kicking the year off with Caves / Wade / Bear Trade / Dinner Time / Holy Pinto at Wahl Bar. RIP to Wahl Bar, it was a great basement venue with great beer and better staff. It's since turned into a bloody Tiki bar.

Then we welcomed back The Survival Tour before moving into March and hosting Calvinball's swansong in Manchester on tour with the incredible Arms Aloft. It was also the first time we had the pleasure of putting on Headroom who are a band that have come into their own in 2014 and from Manchester too.

In April we had the pleasure of welcoming back The Smith Street Band and one of the best bands I've ever seen live in the form of Restorations. Completing the frankly ridiculous line-up were Astpai, Great Cynics and Brawlers. Not bad for £8.

May was a ridiculously busy month, kicking off with the Iron Chic / Gnarwolves double-header, then what was our final show at Wahl Bar with Hindsights and Milk Teeth (both playing Tiger Lounge in January). And to finish the month off came the show that sold out in three days with Real Friends / Modern Baseball / You Blew It! / Nai Harvest at The Star & Garter.

Then in June we put our first (and last) gig at Odder Bar (R.I.P) where we went back in time to get a line-up including Apologies, I Have None / Above Them / Leagues Apart for a wild Saturday night.

Friday 25th July brought around another sold out show when we welcomed Citizen to The Star & Garter with support from Diamond Youth, Headroom and Boston Manor. Citizen absolutely nailed their set to a weirdly not-full S&G, go figure.
Then came the three days of insanity that made up manchF3STer. Kicking off at Sound Control for our biggest show to date with Modern Baseball / Spraynard / Losing Sleep selling the place out on Day One.
People managed to shake off their hangovers just in time to lose their minds again, this time at Retro Bar for a remarkable line-up of Nirvana / Propagandhi / Minor Threat / Descendents. You won't see that again anytime soon!
Then came the third and final day of manchF3STer with a line-up that got way out of control and entertained a sold out Dry Bar for about 11 hours. Headliners Masked Intruder stole peoples hearts, Gnarwolves ripped the place a part shortly beforehand and The Smith Street Band turned up un-announced (slightly) to play a secret set half way through the day too.

We originally had some shows booked for October and November but sadly the demise of Wahlbar and some unlucky news with a band left us unable to do these shows. So we took a well deserved breather until December.

Gnarwolves first played Manchester with 4 days notice at The Bay Horse, so it was fitting to see an amazing year of gigs out with those boys headlining a packed Sound Control to hundreds of people going absolutely nuts. The line-up was completed by Prawn, Public Domain and Iona and the whole night was a perfect way to wave goodbye to 2014.

We'd like to say a heartfelt thank you and goodbye to Wahlbar - a wonderul home for plenty of DIY punk rock shows in Manchester during it's time. Great beers, better staff, a pleasure to work with.

Another year has gone and The Star & Garter is still surviving, just about. Network Rail have almost put the final nail in the coffin of this great venue and it won't be around for long, please make us of it while you can.


Next year is going to kick off quite wonderfully with Moose Blood's first headline show in the city at The Star & Garter, there's about 30 tickets left for this gig so get a move on. The line-up includes Choir Vandals from the states and our favourite Blackpool pop-punkers in the form of Boston Manor.

Wednesday 25th March sees us welcome back Modern Baseball to Manchester for the third time, this time they're bringing the wonderful Into It. Over It. and Tiny Moving Parts with them. Tickets have also been flying out for this gig recently, so if you're after them, click HERE.

Moving North are proud to be part of MPF (Manchester Punk Festival) 2015 which will be happening across the 17th and 18th April at Sound Control, Ducie Bridge, Joshua Brooks and Retro Bar. For more info on the weekend, bands and how to get tickets, check out: manchesterpunkfestival.co.uk